About Me

My Journey


I've essentially lived two separate, yet beautifully interwoven lives. My first life was created from the outside in. I lived in accordance to the cultural, familial and educational moldings of my outer world. This life was mostly created unconsciously. I allowed my outer world and its messages to guide my decisions, as they were so deeply programmed in my psyche. I did not know the difference between my true self and others' expectations of me.

I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Economics and Early Childhood Education. Having learned that success in this world meant achieving a powerful position in a powerful job, I thought a law career was a safe path.  In my last semester of my senior year as an undergraduate, I felt my gut tightening, my heart stirring and my mind opening to another possibility.  I realized working with children was my true passion and must be a key to finding my true calling. I altered my course and completed a minor in Early Childhood Education, then moved onto study postgraduate Elementary Education. I worked in early childhood administration, then taught in the public school system for several years. Quickly becoming disillusioned by this system, my heart broke for the direction I felt it was headed. My first child was born, and I began studying nutrition, homeopathy, holistic health and wellness, and I gradually learned to put my spiritual life above all else. I recognized how much of my life had been directed by outside, external influences that I had internalized at a deep, unconscious level. I realized the path to freedom meant leaving behind old systems, indoctrination, limiting beliefs and worn-out comfort zones. I learned that what this world calls "power" is driven by fear, and that true, authentic power is a by-product of fierce and tender love. Self-liberation seemed the highest calling, both as a service to humanity and especially as a mother. Consequently, my path became increasingly non-traditional and heart directed. The transformation was intensely challenged, and profoundly meaningful.

My second life is the one I'm living now. It is marked by a continuous awakening to my inner truth, light, power, love and a consciously created outer world. This life is being created from the inside out. As I've uncovered more of who I really am, I've seen that truth reflected in my outer world. It feels authentic, creative, spiritual and community-focused. Most of all there is fulfillment, a deep knowing that I am doing what I came here to do and a deep connection to the people with whom I'm doing it.  I returned to education and early childhood with a deeper sense of self and a holistic, balanced approach.  I work with people of all ages who want to live and learn through loving connection, first to themselves and then with the world.  Above all, I'm blessed to be the mother of three young adult children and the life partner of an amazingly awakened man.

It is my life's joy to support you in your own self-realization as you express your truth in loving collaboration with others. I invite you to live deeper, to feel wider and express higher. Our families, communities and world are calling. When we listen, discern with our hearts and respond with love, we all thrive together.